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Arrested for resisting arrest? How does that work?

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What if Sandra Bland lived?  Would we even have heard of Sandra Bland?  Most likely, we as a nation would not even know her name.   She was arrested on a Friday July 10 and found dead on Monday July 13 morning at 9:30 am.   But what if she had lived and walked out of the jail, Monday afternoon.    First of all, no media attention no story and we would not be talking about this story.  The arrested police officer, Brian Encinia, would clearly not put on administrative leave and would possibly have an opportunity to pull someone else out of their car and arrest them for a minor traffic violation.  Excuse me, for resisting arrest, Sandra Bland was being arrested.  WHAT?  She is being arrested for resisting arrest.  How is that possible?


Conservative Darling “Ben Carson” is an idiot

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I applaud his work as neurosurgeon, especially pro bono work for poor kids, and his scholarship program, him and his wife created to help the disadvantaged youth AND that’s it, no more praise for this idiot.    What an ignoramus? 

ben-carson-one-nationSo Obamacare is worst thing since slavery?  Let me see, holocaust, Death March, 911, several wars, Rwanda, just to name a few.  Attempting to provide healthcare to entire US population, worst thing since slavery.  Just so you know, Dr. Idiot, 10,000 American lives were probably saved this year by implementation of Obamacare.  So you are a doctor, that does pro bono work for kids because they can’t afford health insurance and providing health insurance to very poor families is a bad idea, worst thing since slavery?  What an absolute hypocrite and an idiot?  He further says that he believes, that we should provide health insurance for everybody but doesn’t think this is the right way to achieve it.



Let me see, mandatory health insurance not correct way, well, the only other way is single payer.  So Dr. Hyprocrite are you in favor of single payer? 

He absolutely crushed David Gregory, he showed him, that is how this interview is being played by the far right.    This is dumbing down of America, what did he show David Gregory.  That he is somewhat misguided.   That he is a hypocrite, whatever it showed, it didn’t show brilliance, quite contrary………..


GOP Veteran Hypocrites

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GOP wants to score points on this VA Scandal, and wants to blame the Obama administration for failed Veteran’s administration.  AND they are right to an extent but to lay it all at the feet of the Obama Administration is just stupid.  GOP refuse to do anything for anybody if its not the Keystone Pipeline.   Just this February, they blocked a bill that would have expanded the VA to allow for more.  These idiots wanted to include sanctions for Iran in the Veterans bill, which is most ridiculous political stunt ever.  This is about OUR veterans, if you want sanctions for Iran, craft a bill, and let congress vote, don’t try to include it in unrelated bill.  This bill that this incompetent freeloaders blocked would have expanded healthcare in the VA ie more doctors, more hospitals, more appointments.  WOW, what is this scandal about again.   It would have created 27 new clinics to help with overwhelming requests for health care.

GOP wasn’t done there, they also derailed the Veterans Job bill which have provided resources for job training for returning vets. 



Stephen A Smith and Mark Cuban got it right

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I’m getting tired of PC police America has become.  Did Mark Cuban say something that is offensive, maybe.  But its the truth and we all are affected by some prejudice.  If we are too scared to come to grips to the truth, there is no hope for us Americans.  This is a bold experiment, that was had to be difficult.  The melting pot of many different cultures and views is much like a relationship, where several parties may want the same thing but can’t agree on details on how its done.    I’m a black man, I totally agree with Mark Cuban, if you see a group of young black people that I’m paying attention.  The difference is that I’m not confronting people or chasing them down streets.  The same if you there is a group of good “ole” boys.

If you are not aware of the situation, Mark Cuban is under attack for his words that were video tape for Inc Magazine. 

“I mean, we’re all prejudiced in one way or another,” he said. “If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face — white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere — I’m walking back to the other side of the street. And the list goes on of stereotypes we all live up to and are fearful of.”

We as a country need to be true to ourselves and accept that we will have some prejudices BUT that’s doesn’t mean we can’t find the strength to come to together and overcome these stereotypes to become one people.



How to fix SS and Medicare?

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Medicare and Social Security are not “entitlements”. These are retirement and health care “Earned Benefits”. Its just plain immoral to think that we need to cut these programs while farm subsidies and oil subsidies exist. Those are true entitlements as they provide no benefit, paid for using tax payers dollars, and given to the most undeserving group of people. Raising the age people start receiving benefits, may be the most heartless suggestion that has ever been made. You want your 65 old father or mother working for two or more years after working for 40 plus years.


Steve Brill article in Time was an eye opener, “Why Medical Bills are Killing US”, there are several items in this article that really makes me pretty upset.   First, Healthcare lobby is largest lobby in the US.   The healthcare lobby dwarfs just about every other lobby including energy,  and guns.  Actually, gun and energy lobbies combined don’t even come close to equaling the Healthcare lobby.  Second, Healthcare industry does a complex system of price fixing.  I’ll give you a few examples, diabetic test $17 but same test can be bought at local drug store for $1.    Box of guaze pads, $77 but same box can be bought local drug store for $6.  By law, and its a stupid law, Medicare can’t not compete for prices and have to take prices set health care industry.  The benefits of allowing the US Govt to compete for prices for basic hospital supplies will drive the price down.  The CBO estimates that an addition between 100 million to 200 million can be saved each year.

Food stamps and housing assistance can be considered “Entitlements” but they are such as small percentage of US total budget, the GOP Right likes to bundle them with Medicare and Social security budget numbers to make it seem that US is a nanny state.  The real reason that GOP wants to reduce Social Security and Medicare is the matching funds that have to pay the government in payroll taxes.  Its not they are worried about debt, they are worried about their checkbooks as always.  Making a push to pay less taxes to increase your checkbook balances is unpopular but trying to fix deficit is popular. 

How to fix Social Security and Medicare?  Medicare and Social security have not added one penny to the deficit or National Debt.  In their current state, they are fully funded by tax payers using payroll taxes.  If no changes are made to Social Security, this will not change until 2027 and Medicare will not change until 2018.  Its not public knowledge but Social security is capped, and only taxed for the first 113,000 of income.   And only 5.2 percent of wage earners make more than 113,000.  I don’t know why this is a regressive tax and how it came to be.  Regressive as the poorest Americans pay a higher percentage of payroll taxes.  Mitt Romney famous 47% comment was referring to income taxes but average wage earner would pay 6 percent or more in taxes and someone like Romney would pay .09 percent.  That’s not 9 percent, that not 1 percent, that is less than 1%

Social Security fix is relatively easy.  Removing the cap altogether would make Social Security viable indefinitely BUT I don’t think its necessary to remove cap.  We should raise it to a magic number probably around 500K.  We don’t need to tax more than we need.  AND, if you retire with more than 100K of annual income, I don’t think you need Social Security and medicare.  I know it sounds unfair, whatever, Social Security and Medicare are insurance programs and you didn’t need the insurance if you are making that type of money.  It makes absolutely no sense that Billionaires like Warren Buffet who is worth 35 Billion dollars to collect 20K a year from Social Security and Medicare.

The fix for Medicare is not so easy but its doable.  Patients need to be able to compete for lower prices especially for prescription drugs but everything.   Not patients directly, but some body of people should create a new pay master to lower costs.  Drugs manufactured and sent to Canada are almost always cheaper than prescription drugs bought in America.  Did you get that?  AND its illegal to buy drugs from Canada.  WHY because it will cut into the drug companies profit, no health concern, its same drug from a manufacturer that is closer to you.  That’s got to stop.  Lastly, we got to get healthy as a nation.  The best way is we need to teach kids to eat better, exercise more, and do things in moderation.   It is not impossible but changing attitudes is always hard.



Bobby Jindal is a leader of the “The Stupid Party”

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There are too many examples of GOPs “Stupid Party” to list in any one 1000 word blog.    Bobby Jindal the governor of Louisiana, is famously known for the person who coined the phrase “Stupid Party”.  I watched Bobby Jindal’s performance on Meet the Press this Sunday and  I was absolutely floored by how just about everything this man said was just “Stupid”.

He was asked whether to attract young voters to the GOP they need to be “open minded” (Not discriminate) to LBGT and allow same sex marriage.   He said “No”, he stated that we need to focus on the economic issues that young people face and that’s how to attract young voters.  EXCUSE ME, so focus on economic issues with GOP ideas that young voter rejected in last election, ignore the social issues and that will bring them to the GOP.  

This GOP is on the wrong side of this battle.   If the social matters don’t matter, then why have an opinion at all especially when you expect your voters to follow your lead.  Sadly, these are same arguments used against interracial marriages in 60s.  You can easily take rhetoric from the 60s and they can use them today.

Ok, let’s talk about these economic ideas that are going to bring young voters into the GOP fold.  Bobby Jindal has proposed a bill to remove income tax for the state of Louisiana.  That’s sounds wonderful, less taxes for all.  This will attract so many new businesses and jobs for the state.  So how do you plan to make up for the shortfall from taxes?  Louisiana will increase the state sales tax.  So with nearly quarter of your population on welfare, you are asking them to pay more for every single item they purchase.  Really, so these so called “takers” will have to pay more for food, gas, clothing, and every basic neccessity to attract more business to Louisiana.  This is essential issue, I have with the “Stupid Party”, if you want to attract not just young people but people in general, you can’t burden the poor for the benefits of the rich.

This Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio are pawns, tools of the GOP.  Let’s put a brown face on our bad ideas and hopefully other brown faces will vote for us.  I have idea for the GOP, how about actually caring about legitimate concerns of the minorities.  Equal rights, equal pay, equal access to education and upward mobility.


Workers under attack!!!

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Everyday it seems like there is another mention of how CEOs and business owners are depriving workers of benefits and salary.   This article that states Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell is trying to make it Virgina law limit wage workers to only 29 or less hours a week so they don’t have to pay for health insurance.  It deeply saddens me to think that some 7,000 workers who normally work 40 hours or more, are now going to have to get by with only 29 hours a week.  They make less money, they don’t have health insurance which depending on the person is either going to go without or use tax payer’s money anyway to get health insurance.  Health insurance as it is important isn’t as important to the wages that is lost.  Could you get by with 25% less money.

Wisconsin and Michigan just implemented “Right to work” laws which is a misnomer.  Its not a right to work, it prohibits collective bargaining.  Its very tricky they way it is written but the goal is the demise of the unions.

The term right-to-work law refers to a statute in the United States of America that prohibits union security agreements, or agreements between labor unions and employers that govern the extent to which an established union can require employees’ membership, payment of union dues, or fees as a condition of employment, either before or after hiring. “Right-to-work” laws do not, as the short phrase might suggest, aim to provide a general guarantee of employment to people seeking work, but rather are a government regulation of the contractual agreements between employers and labor unions that prevents them from excluding non-union workers,[1] or requiring employees to pay a fee to unions that have negotiated the labor contract the workers work under.

When I was leaving High School, I remember having this conversation with my father about how unions have outlived theie usefulness and individuals can negotiate for their own benefits.  How absolutely wrong I was?  States with Right to work laws have less wages, work more hours, and have less benefits.  Also, people in those states don’t stay at the same job as long because always looking for a better job.  Often, they have to take up several jobs to make enough money to survive.


The problem is most people don’t know the effect of these laws and we as country need to stop letting our citizens to be placed into these slavery situations.


Gun Nut Paranoia vs American Safety

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It has never been the right time to talk about guns.  Even in the light of the Newtown Massacre, gun lovers stating that liberals/Democrats/Socialist are just taking advantage of a tragedy.  Personally, I have always have been terrified of gun owners with out training.  Police officers don’t scare me, military trained people don’t scare me, but Joe Smoe who has no training and has 15 million guns, he scares living shit out of me.  I grew up with guns, rifles.  I know my way around rifles.  I have never shot a handgun but shot many rifles.

Gun Nuts love to say guns don’t kill people and I agree guns don’t kill people.  People with guns kill people.  Almost all guns in the US, start as legal and through varies loopholes, and transactions becomes illegal.   Every day in the US, 80 murders are committed, 300 injured, and 3,000 other crimes with guns.   More people have died from gun violence than all casualties in all US engagements since 1900. 

We don’t have valid statistics on how many of these guns were obtained illegally.  You know why?  Guns are not being tracked.  They are not universally being registered.  There is a complex and profitable system of gun trafficking that takes legal guns from gun manufactures and goes to criminals to commit crimes.    There are no real numbers, but its estimated that between 80 to 90% of these guns are illegally obtained.  You know why they number is so high because the crimes are mostly committed by convicted felons who don’t have a legal right to own a gun.  I don’t really care about ban on assault rifles or smaller magazines.  I’m concerned with three items.

First, all guns need to be registered.  This will have an immediate impact, on slowing the flow of guns from legal manufactures to criminals.  Yes, criminals will still be able to get guns but why should we make it easy.  Tracking guns will allow us to find the illegal sellers and close them down.  WOW, almost immediately the supply of guns is impacted.  We need to have a federal database where all law enforcement agencies have access.   Tracking would increase the cost of these illegal guns.  Supply and demand, decreased supply makes price go up.  This immediately will prevent  a portion criminals from obtaining weapons to commit crimes.  The gun nuts don’t want to register weapons, they believe its just the first step in government taking their guns.  I think that is laughable.  Like the government is not a pawn of the NRA.  Guns will never be totally outlawed, not in my lifetime.  What scares the living shit out of me, is that people actually believe registering guns will lead to confiscation of guns in the wake of tyrannical rule of the Obama Administration.  Look at this tweet conversation I had yesterday.

SNAG-0000 2-7-2013 1.28.04 AM

Second, all guns owners should have a gun license with requirement of some gun safety class that is renewed on periodic basis.  Is that too much to ask for?  Maybe just maybe, we can prevent some of the accidental deaths and accidental shootings caused by poor handling of these lethal devices.  It pains me to think we can’ t do these common sense items to reduce the problems, we face as a country.  100,000 accidental shootings happen every year.  That’s ridiculous!!!

Lastly, all gun owners must have a background check before receiving a new gun.  You know,  to prevent maybe a felon or known criminal access to a gun or known illegal gun trafficker.

This is clip of Piers Morgan.  I don’t like the name calling but I understand his frustration.  NO ONE is trying to take guns from responsible people, trying to get them out of the hands of criminals.



US Military rapes our US Women Troops???

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Female Marines Take On Challenges in Afghanistan

The word rape is devastating to me. Just the word alone, saddens me. It is one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed. The violent injuries can be healed but emotional damage may never be healed. I stumbled on this article that has totally shook my world. I was researching VAWA and spousal murder statistics BUT I stumbled on this article, which absolutely shocked me. I have read several articles and they all pretty much say the same thing. 30% of women in our US Military are being raped by our US Military. That is un-fucking-believable. That’s 3 out every 10 women, what is more depressing is the report also showed that 70% were sexually assaulted. Which is everything down to the degree of rape.

I was just writing a tweet regarding spousal murders have outpaced casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why are our women treated so badly in this country? They are paid less than men, raped in the military, beat to blood pulps and murdered by the people who SUPPOSE to love them. So many issues regarding treatment of women, where do we begin? The first thing that has to happen is we have to inform the populous. I’m a political news junky, I don’t know how I missed this. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but how does this not get more attention. HOW??? This is a front page scandal story and I stumbled upon it. Reading that article, absolutely depressed me. So not only are our women being raped, but the perpetrators are getting away with it? So our military has tons of serial rapists who just do it over and over to other women. This deserves more attention, and if I can affect a few people each day I will do it. I’m making a pledge to make mention of this every day I’m on the Internet. The American people won’t stand for this but if they don’t know they can’t make their voices heard. Please read this article and this article.

I’m making the pledge to make a mention a day, please if you are reading this, do the same.


Top 10 items the Tea Party are completely wrong about. Part 1

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People love lists, everybody wants to know which item is #1. This is part 1, I will finish with top 5 tomorrow.


10. Tea Party is a non-partisan, grass roots organization whose purpose is to protect the freedoms of America. Ha ha, I have to laugh. Non-partisan means the “Stupid Party”, don’t hate me, Bobby Jindal called the effect Tea Party’s has on the Republican party. Grass roots which means Koch brothers or corporate financed election efforts. Koch brothers didn’t back every Republican just the specific nut cases for election. Protect the Freedoms, like gay rights, women’s rights, equal pay rights. It seems protect freedoms means to trump on every one elses’s freedoms except themselves.

9. Death panels for Obamacare, IPAB is famously being called death panels by the Tea Party. You can blame Sarah Palin for this one. Politifact gave Sarah Palin an award for this assertion. “Lie of the Year”

IPAB is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, is a fifteen-member United States Government agency created in 2010 by sections 3403 and 10320 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which has the explicit task of achieving specified savings in Medicare without affecting coverage or quality.[1] Under previous and current law, changes to Medicare payment rates and program rules are recommended by MedPAC but require an act of Congress to take effect.

IPAB sole job is to find ways to reduce the burden as in cost of Medicare without affecting coverage or quality. No death panels here, sorry.

8. Obama Administration is going to take away your guns. Tea Party members are going to be defenseless against the tyranny that is Obama Administration. Obama issued 23 executive orders and urged congress to create an assault weapons ban. 1994 ban sale of all guns manufactured after the effective date. The new bill will emulate the old bill. Can’t take it away if you never had it in the first place. Almost all the 23 executive orders, dealt with registering and tracking of guns. The bill does ban the use of magazines larger than 10 bullets but that’s ammunition not guns.

7. The Obama administration is highest spending administration of all time. Administration has raked up 6.5 Trillion worth of debt in 4 years. This is two great falsehoods. First, numbers don’t lie but Obama first full year began was in October 2009. US government uses fiscal year and the year begins in October. If we start with, October 2009 from now, Obama administration has the lowest spending increase in 60 years. And before, you go off the handle with Liberal media bias, this was the Wall Street Journal who published this article. WSJ is many things but Liberal not even close. And if you include, the first year, Obama Administration is still lower than Reagan Years and all three Bush Administrations. Now, the second the 6.5 Trillion dollars IS partly true. Its true because when Obama administration started debt was about 10 Trillion and now its around 16.5 Trillion. That’s the true part, the misleading part is that debt is accumulation from Iraq Wars and Tax cuts, I hate to blame Bush but Bush Policies is more than half of the amount of debt.

Honestly, Obama could have worked harder to stop, these items sooner, but try getting anything through congress these days…..

6. Sarah Palin is exactly what the country needs. Man where do I start on this one. Fox News, Fox News dumped her. Sarah Palin excited the Republican Tea Party base BUT many Republicans and Democrats thought she was a poison pill. Her Katie Couric interview was mocked by SNL. When I say her interview was mocked by SNL, they didn’t change a word of what she said or mannerisms. She was and is the poster child for non-intellectuals who always looks overwhelmed when asked probing questions. How can someone a heart beat from President not be prepared for tough questions?

Well, that’s it for now, will be posting second half tomorrow…..